Have you ever noticed how confusing it is to know whether or not someone is asking you out on a date? Nobody seems to actually use the words “can I take you out on a date” anymore. Somehow boys just assume that we know when they’re asking us out but truth is, guys – you’re messing with our heads. We can’t read into your minds!

I’ve had my fair share of awkward moments where I thought I was simply hanging out with this guy as friends only to realize his intentions were different. To help prevent you from these awkward moments, here’s a list of common phrases guys use and whether or not they mean he’s asking for a date.

1. Do you want to hang out sometime? – Maybe

This one is probably the most commonly used and the most ambiguous. What does he mean by ‘hang out’ and what exactly does he have in mind?  We can “hang” at the library…probably not a date. We can “hang” at a five star restaurant…probably a date.

2. Let’s go out next week. – Yes

You can’t really get more direct then this. ‘Going out’ is essentially the same as going on a date, so this one’s obvious.  Unless he follows “Let’s go out next week” with “because I have no car, and need you to take me to the doctors.

3. Let’s grab dinner/movie tomorrow night. – Probably

Dinner and movie are date activities. Yes, friends also eat dinner and watch movies together but somehow our society has deemed these as things to do on dates.

4. Let’s grab lunch on Wednesday. – No

We’re not saying lunch can’t be a date, but dinner is usually the meal of choice for a date whereas lunch is usually reserved as a friend thing. Unless it’s a very fancy lunch. In another state. Then it’s probably a date.

5.  Can I take you out to dinner? – Yes

This one’s straight forward. The guy is initiating to do all the planning for the date and in this case, it is implied that he is paying. Guy paying for dinner? Definite date. And even if it doesn’t work out, free meal! A girls gotta eat, right?

6. Let’s chill some time. – No

‘Chilling’ is friend language. You only chill with friends, not love interests. FRIEND ZONED.

7. Want to get coffee later? – Maybe

The guy may ask to get coffee instead of dinner since it’s more casual so it takes the pressure off. Plus, people are more likely to say yes to coffee than to dinner. However, that’s not to say that friends can’t just grab coffee together either.

Warning: Use this advice with caution. Every guy is different and so are their intentions.

What are other ambiguous “Is He Asking Me Out” statements’ guys say?