Looking for good real estate or apartments in Hong Kong, but on the cheap? It might be too late to get one with the haunted house discount. DARN!

Ng Goon Lau has trained himself in the art of buying up haunted houses and sells it for a profit. What constitutes as a haunted house is a home that had an unnatural death happen within itself.

According to Lau, through the Wall Street Journal, “he saved as much as 33 percent, enabling him to either sell them for a healthy profit or rent them to expatriates, who tend to be less superstitious than locals.”

Expatriates = people who temporally or permanently live in another country other than their original upbringing.

However, with the housing market on an upswing, it is more difficult to find any savings. With home prices going up towards 70 percent since 2009, the haunted house discount is around 5 percent.

“The market is crazy now,” he told the paper, adding that he was able to purchase only one “hongza” in 2012, but he still figures to make a killing with his existing properties.

Here are Lau’s tips on what to look for to buy a haunted house.

I can imagine spiritual things happening in my house, and I might get freaked out at first, but at least you can say you have a house with some personality. It would not be a dull moment at home, and if they are friendly, maybe they can help with the chores if they want to stay there. Ghosts doing laundry would be pretty sweet.

What would you do if you lived in an awesome neighborhood but knew ghosts might be in your house? Tell us in the comments below!

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