Waiting in line isn’t fun. It’s cold, it’s boring, and on Black Friday, the people around you usually smell. Deodorant is often NOT an option for customers who want to be first in line; there’s no time to spare!  Anyway, to help you remain sane and entertained while waiting in a long line on Black Friday (at midnight), here are ten things you can do!

1. MAKE A VLOG: Pull out a camera and start talking to it. Interview people around you, maybe you’ll make some new friends…or enemies!

2. PEOPLE WATCH: Now this sounds boring, but you can make a game of it.  For instance, count how many people walk by with Target bags or how many children you see throwing a tantrum about how tired they are. Already up to 5? You’re welcome.

3. DOWNLOAD EVERYTHING: Most of you have some sort of portable device that can play games and movies, so why not utilize it! We suggest downloading A LOT of them since you may be in line for a while. And when we say a lot, we mean everything. Even that weird variation of Fruit Ninja that no one likes.

4. EXERCISE. Do some calf raises or lunges in line. This will keep you entertained, fit, and warm. Bonus points if you bring a barbell and do squats!

5. CONFESS YOUR LOVE: This is a real idea. Bring a notepad and start writing out your feelings for that special someone. It may be really cheesy and old fashioned, but I’m sure that boy/girl would really appreciate that you took the time waiting in line to truly think about them.

6. ROCK OUT! Get some headphones, turn up the music, and start dancing! Embarrassing? A little. Entertaining? YES (for everyone watching you)!

7. TRICK PEOPLE: Bring a group of friends and try to get the people around you to think you’re famous! Say things to your friends like “Sorry guys, can’t stay – I need to get on set in an hour,” or “Hold on Barack, you’re talking too fast.” Or try our favorite, wear sunglasses and get your hair in a comb over.  Everyone will think your Psy for some reason. Even when you say you’re not Psy or “Please ma’am, stop holding my arm. I can’t giddy up, I don’t know what that is“.

8. INVENT A GAME: Relive every single child hood memory of the alphabet game, black magic, and pass the rock! We think you should combine games like pass the magic or alphabet rock!

9. PLAY A SONG WHEN THE LINE MOVES:  Bring a speaker and when the line moves, play a funny song. “I’m So Excited” is always a crowd favorite.  And when the big guy in front of you looks annoyed, he’s probably only getting more excited, so that’s your cue to play it louder!

10. BOUNCY BALL: If all the other suggestions fail, bring a bouncy ball. Mindless bouncing beats doing nothing! What’s that you say? It doesn’t? Tell us that after the thousandth bounce!

Let us know below in the comments other ways to keep sane while waiting in line during Black Friday!