Sung Kang, of Fast and the Furious franchise and Better Luck Tomorrow fame, is about to take the spotlight alongside one of Hollywood’s best action stars.

Kang will be co-staring with Sylvester Stallone (Rocky, Rambo, Expendables) in the “Bullet To The Head.” Stallone will play a hitman who has his daughter taken away from him when a hit goes wrong and Kang plays a detective who has common interest in the people Stallone wants to take down. Buddy Cop Drama!

“Bullet To The Head” is the kind of action-heavy movie that everyone could appreciate. Punch, kick, throw, and game over for all that oppose the Stallone/Kang duo. “Bullet To The Head” opens in U.S. theaters February 1st.

Here’s Kang in Tokyo Drift:

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