International Secret Agents (ISA) is the premiere platform for celebrating Asian Youth Culture and it’s global influence. Founded by Wong Fu Productions (Filmmakers, 2.1 Million+ Subscribers), and Far East Movement (1st Asian American group w/ #1 Billboard Chart Hit “Like a G6″), ISA strives to provide a destination to elevate Asian Pacific American stories, entertainment, community, and culture.  

Far East Movement and Wong Fu Productions started ISA as a simple concert series aimed at empowering and uniting the Asian Pacific American community. ISA has since grown into a thriving brand and entertainment platform now recognized globally by hundreds of thousands of people from all different cultural backgrounds. ISA has gone on to work with some of the biggest brands in the world, including AT&T, Verizon, Samsung, and Toyota.

ISA is comprised of two core elements: ISAtv + ISA Live.  

Through ISAtv we’ve garnered millions of online views, hosting some of the best in original digital content.  We’ve developed fans from all around the world who tune in regularly to view our exclusive interviews, music video premieres, short films, and game shows.


ISA Live brings fans closer to the people they love through special concerts, film premieres, and charity events.