ISA TV: The MakeShift Ep. 2 – MakeShift Metropolis

Join Wes in the second episode of The MakeShift, as he hits the streets of Downtown L.A. for inspiration and creates his own special version of a village in a bottle.

The Makeshift Metropolis is your very own urban ecosystem.  I chose to make a city because I like the intricate structures, but don’t feel constrained to that. You can make anything and put it in that jar of yours! I don’t know why putting something in a little jar makes it so much cooler, but it does. haha. You can be the creator of worlds, so be creative. For the metropolis, I was thinking it’d be fun to put a Godzilla-type monster inside, attacking the city. Maybe I’ll save that for my next one. Or maybe, one of YOU can do that :D I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with! – Wesley Chan

Were you inspired to create your own crafts or designs after watching this episode? ISA and Wes want to see them! Tweet us a photo and hash tag #TheMakeShift to @ISAConcerts and @TheWesleyChan and you just might see them on a future episode. Also, stay tuned for a post with a step by step guide on today’s craft, the MakeShift Metropolis.



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Episode Craft: The MakeShift Metropolis
Materials: —- Glass jar, tweezers, fine tip pen, small pair of scissors, big pair of scissors, cold white glue, hot glue, bottle cap, and paper

StarringWesley Chan
Produced: ISA TV, Wesley Chan
Edited: Jason Tenandar, Wesley Chan
Filmed: Steven Kan, Jason Tenandar, Jason Hwang
Sound Track: Kero One | Official | Twitter | Itunes
Title + Motion Graphic: Wesley Chan
Creative DirectionDaniel “DPD” Park 
Production Assistants: Tri Ta, Sophia Chang, Tiffany Yamashita

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