Anti-Fart Underwear!!!!

So, you have a problem with passing gas at school? At work? Or talking to that cute boy/girl and you get so nervous that you can’t hold it in anymore? Well, get your anti-fart underwear TODAY!!

Yes. You’ve read right. A Japanese company called Seiren has made underpants that can hide that undesirable stench from everyone! Pretty cool, right?

This underwear is nothing short of special! It is made with absorbing ceramic particles built within the material’s fibers. Sounds pretty high tech to me!

Anti-fart underwear will work best during those important interviews, first dates, and classy events we often attend during our everyday lives. (Pinky up!) And can you imagine Jeremy Lin during crunch time hitting the last-second shot to win the game and no one would smell it?

But if you have any other bodily odor problems that a shower can’t possibly fix, Seiren also sells socks that prevent feet from smelling and shirts that conceal the odors of those sweaty armpits. As for me, I would totally use the shirts and I think all guys would agree that with concealing-odor shirts, it would be a definite hit!

ISAers, what is your take on the anti-fart underwear? Would you wear any of these other clothes, too? Let us know in the comments below.

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