Be A Part of the Live Studio Audience for ISA! Game Show Special- Limited Seats Available!

Pssst. Hey You! Do you want to be a part of the studio audience for the live filming of an upcoming game show special on ISAtv?


WHERE: Playa Vista, CA – Los Angeles County

TIME: 12PM – 6PM

ADMISSION: FREE! (Register Below)

AGE: 18+ Over Only




You could be a part of the live studio audience for the filming of ISA!. What exactly is ISA!? Take two teams of your favorite celebrities competing in ridiculous challenges, mix in comedy & live musical performances, and you’ve got our brand new variety special on ISAtv.

We’re looking for the most excited and energetic fans to be a part of this exclusive taping.  To be considered for audience participation for ISA! please fill out the form below.

This is a FREE event; limited spots are available, so be sure to apply today!

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To be considered for an audience spot at ISA! - please fill out the Submission Form (CLICK HERE) 

  • Since there’s gonna be a lot of people signing up, we’ll only be emailing those who are selected.  If you’re selected, you should get a response by Wednesday, March 20, 2013.
  • If you’re selected, you’ll get a waiver form that MUST be filled out and submitted PRIOR to the day of the shoot. If you don’t submit your forms and info before the deadline, you will lost your seat(s)
  • If you registered and aren’t immediately selected, we will put you on a wait list and let you know as soon as more seats open up.

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Q: Which celebs will be playing in the Game Show? 

A: We already locked in some of your FAVORITE artists to play in the Game Show and are still confirming more! We’ll be announcing them at a later date, so stay tuned! To ensure you’re there to witness, make sure to register today!

Q: If I’m selected for the audience, does that mean I’m guaranteed a seat?

A:  Unfortunately not. This live event is overbooked to ensure that we fill up all the seats with lively fans. Audience members will be seated on a first-come, first-served basis. To ensure a seat, be sure to still arrive early the day of event.

Q: After I register, how long will it take to hear back from ISAtv on whether I was selected or not?

A:  You’ll hear back by Wednesday, March 20th if you were selected.

Q: I was told that I was put on a wait list? What is this?

A:  The Wait List is a list of people who are considered back ups in case more seats become free.  If we find out guests can’t attend or find out we have some more open seats, then the Wait List people will be given a chance to apply!

Q: How many guests can I bring with me?

A: On the registration form, you can apply for yourself, plus (3) three guests. If you have additional family or friends that want to go, they must register separately. You can’t bring guests with you the day of the event if they haven’t pre-registered. All guests will need to be 18+ (with a valid photo ID) and will need to complete individual waiver forms as well.

Q: If I find out that one or more of the guests that I register can no longer come, am I allowed to swap them out?

A: Sure! However, you must tell us immediately of the change. We need to register that new guest in our system.  If one of your guests drops out last minute, and you don’t tell us, you can’t bring someone new the day of the event to take their place. They must be pre-registered.

Q: How long is the shoot? Do I need to stay for the whole shoot?

A: We have a lot of fun surprises planned for that day, so you’ll want to make sure you stay for the entire event! Since it’s important that we have a full house of energetic fans the entire shoot, all selected audience members are expected to stay for the entirety of the shoot. If you want to plan ahead, the shoot could last up to 6 hours. Trust’ll be fun!

Q: Will there be a meet and greet with the artists?

A:  Unfortunately, no. We’ll be on a strict schedule the day of and won’t have time for a meet and greet. However!  You will be witnessing history as we film this special program with a live audience, and there will be some fun contests to win autographed artist related gear at the shoot! Awkward Animals will be involved!

Q: Can I attend if I’m from out of the city/state?

A: Yes. We’d love for our friends from out of the city/state came to watch! We welcome everyone! However, you are responsible for your own transportation, lodging, and etc. to and from the venue.

Q: How come guests have to be 18+?

A: The space we’re using for the shoot requires all guests to be 18+ for liability reasons.

Q: What if I’m not 18 now, but will be 18 by the day of the shoot?

A: Of Course! Happy Birthday! As long as you’re 18+ by the day of the shoot and can present a valid ID, you can attend.

Q: Are cameras allowed into the event?

A: Because this is a pretty private taping, no cameras of any kind will be allowed into the venue. Cell phones with cameras can be brought in, but must be turned off during the shoot. No photos or video recordings will be allowed.

More questions? Please contact us at Thank you in advance for your patience as there may be a delay in response time.

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