**NOTE – This is in NO way connected to official IKAA conference. We are an independent filming group.

In production with International Secret Agents (ISAtv), the premier online network for Asian Youth Culture, and NBC Asian America.


Series is being produced and directed by Korean Adoptees, Dan Matthews, and Jon Maxwell, who were a part of the creative team behind “aka DAN” series which has been viewed over a million times online via distribution by DramaFever, ISAtv, and Arriang TV.  “aka DAN” documented Dan Matthews’ experience reuniting with his biological family during the last International Korean Adoptee Association Gathering in 2013. Team seeks to continue to document and share stories from the adoptee community in efforts to elevate adoptee voices and issues.


Set against the backdrop of the International Korean Adoptee Association (IKAA) Gathering 2016, the largest gathering of Adoptees from Korea in the world, this web-series will follow the interconnected story of three individuals who are connecting with their adoption roots at very different stages in their lives and what they learn about themselves during their time in Korea. The three subjects of the documentary will ideally be individuals from a different part of the world.

  • The 1st story seeks to showcase an individual who has already reconnected with a biological family member. Someone who has already been through the process and is now living life with this dramatic change. We’ll find out how their life has changed since meeting family and how they expect to continue their relationship.
  • The 2nd story will showcase someone who has been active in the adoption community for several years plus.  Someone who has already been to Korea (may have lived in Korea for an extended time period), has knowledge of the adoption landscape, and may or may not have had any connection with biological family.
  • The 3rd story will showcase someone who is brand new to the Korean Adoptee community. Someone who is not only attending this IKAA conference for the very first time but who has also never been to Korea. We’ll follow the 3rd individual as they experience Korea and the Adoption conference through brand new eyes.  We’ll watch them get to know themselves and learn what it’s like to be surrounded by others that are exactly like them, yet so different for the first time.





Seeking three individuals, male and female, from all parts of the world who will be attending IKAA 2016 that would be interested in being the subjects of our 5 episode documentary series.



Adoptee that has been successful with the reunification process and has met a member or members of their biological family.



Adoptee that has experience in the Korean adoptee community. Someone who may be going through biological family search currently.  Someone with a lot of knowledge of the adoption community landscape.



Adoptee that will be visiting Korea and attending IKAA 2016 for the first time.  Has never really interacted with a large group of adoptees – is relatively new to the community.



  • Seeking male or female. No preference
  • Is confirmed for IKAA Conference
  • Willing to have a flexible schedule during IKAA conference
  • Anyone from around the World. No country preference.
  • Comfortable and willing to share feelings on camera