ISA BFF of the Month Megan Lee has been busy in Korea preparing for her debut, but we’re curious to know what her must-haves for traveling to a whole new country are!


1) iPad
Reason: Watching movies, listening to music, using apps, surfing the internet, etc are a must!)
2) Nail filer
Reason: My fingernails tend to grow very fast and they get in the way when I play the guitar hehe
3) Trail mix
Reason: I like to have something to munch on hehe
4) Memo/Notebook
Reason: I have short-term memory!! I tend to forget things, so I need to always jot things down on paper
5) My make-up pouch
Reason: Whaddya say? I’m a girl teehee

Megan…I think you & I are meant to be travel buddies!

What are YOUR suitcase essentials? Let us know in the comments below!


4YI with ISA BFF of the Month: Megan Lee!
ISA BFF for October: Megan Lee!