It was worth EVERY jelly bean (all 288,000 of them)! Just two weeks after the release of her amazing “In Your Arms” music video, Kina Grannis is already seeing just how big of an impact she’s truly made on the music video world (and just the art world in general)! Just ask Ellen Degeneres, who was so blown-away by Kina’s spectacular “In Your Arms” music video, that she personally invited Kina to perform it live on her show this past week!

Just this past Tuesday, Ellen Degeneres invited Kina Grannis to her show for a special sit-down interview and performance of her single “In Your Arms”.  In her interview, Kina discusses the unique and arduous process that went into making an all-jelly bean, all-stop motion music video and how it took nearly 3 months to produce just 10 seconds of footage! Ellen, who has long been a big supporter of independent artists and musicians (especially those on YouTube), seemed absolutely mesmerized and in-awe of Kina the entire time, calling her “something real special”. The entire audience was also treated to Kina’s “Stairwells” album at the end, and we have a small hunch they’ll be hitting the ‘Subscribe’ to Kina button on YouTube right when they get home!

In our opinion, it’s about time Kina finally got the chance to share her infectious charm and one-of-a-kind talent with the rest of America. We are SO PROUD of her and we feel incredibly blessed to be able to call her a part of the ISA family!

It’s always amazing to see just how far our artists and friends have come. We’re all in this together, so whenever we see a part of our family gain the mainstream recognition they truly deserve, we can’t help but smile and feel overjoyed – even though we now have to share them with a bigger part of the rest of the world (selfish, I know)!

So please continue to support the incredible Kina Grannis and watch her full interview and performance on The Ellen Degeneres Show down below!

Check out the actual “In Your Arms” music video here, which is already well on its way to 3 MILLION VIEWS!