Mix-in nearly 2 years of filming, 1,357 hours, 288,000 jelly beans, 30 hard-working people, and a whole lot of heart, and what you get is  the truly amazing work of art that is Kina Grannis’ brand new music video, “In Your Arms”!

Essentially a stop-motion video utilizing thousands upon thousands of colorful jelly beans, “In Your Arms” is an absolute triumph on so many levels – technically, artistically, musically, making-your-eyes-pop-in-amazement-ly! Kina Grannis’ loveable personality, beautiful voice, and extremely catchy melodies all shine through once again in this one-of-a-kind music video, which proves that her enchanting smile can literally bring anything to life – even jelly beans! Yes, 288,000 yummy and colorful jelly beans, to be exact – as if you needed another reason to love Kina!

You probably won’t find a more unique and creative music video (with a more cheerful and likeable personality) than “In Your Arms” for quite awhile.  So hurry up and get lost in Kina Grannis’ extremely imaginative, fun, and colorful jelly bean world of wonder!