It’s Christmas time and the sound of ‘Ho Ho Ho’ is usually music to a young child’s ears! It means Santa is coming and all of our Christmas wishes are about to come true. Unfortunately, Kev Jumba reminds us that there are some ‘Ho Ho Hos’ that you simply do not want to be leaving your milk and cookies out for.

In his newest rap music video, Kev Jumba tells us about a different kind of ‘Ho Ho Ho’ that NOBODY wants to hear or see during the holiday season! With the help of some of his YTF friends, Victor Kim, Andrew Garcia, and JR Aquino, Kev Jumba keeps it real and breaks it down for us this Christmas rap-style regarding  a certain ‘girl who shall not be named’.

Also, Kev Jumba can still be a Korean Popstar with short hair! This video is like the Christmas gift that keeps on giving!