A month ago, we featured DANakaDAN’s Dreamers music video on our blog to the delight of all our fans (after all, it is filled with TONS of past ISA performers)!  Due to the overwhelmingly warm response to the video, we thought it only right to also spotlight DANakaDAN for this February’s 4YI

4YI (‘Four’ Your Information) with: DANakaDAN (afterschoolspecial)

  • Four jobs you’ve had in your life:
    1. Sushi Chef
    2. Dish Washer
    3. Dog Sitter
    4. Bounty Hunter
  • Four jobs you wish you had outside of your current job:
    1. David Choi’s Personal Groomer
    2. Team Mascot
    3. The Guy that Kisses Kristen Bell in All Her Films.
    4. Chocolatier
  • Four movies you can watch over and over again:
    1. Pulp Fiction
    2. Superbad
    3. Cats The Musical
    4. Batman
  • Four TV shows you love to watch:
    1. Community
    2. Community
    3. Community
    4. Parks and Recreation
  • Four of your favorite cartoons:
    1. Tiny Toons
    2. Eek The Cat
    3. Bobby’s World
    4. Community in Animation Format
  • Four of your favorite foods:
    1. Mexican Food From San Diego
    2. Cookies
    3. Blueberry Cliff Bars
    4. Roast Beef Sandwiches
  • Four things you won’t eat:
    1. Poison
    2. Knives
    3. Fire
    4. Metal Framing
  • Four people you’d really love to have dinner with:
    1. Kristen Bell
    2. Seth Rogen
    3. Stephen Colbert
    4. You
  • Four guilty pleasure songs you love to listen to:
    1. Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up
    2. Huey Lewis and the News – The Power of Love
    3. Anything by Queen.
    4. Norah Jones. Anything by her.
  • Four things that are no longer around that you wished were still around:
    1. Tamagatchi Pets
    2. Beanie Babies (I actually had a ton of those, but my investment went wasted as I forgot to sell them)
    3. Baggie Jeans
    4. Community
  • Four of your favorite songs from the 90s/early 2000s:
    1. Bohemian Rhapsody Polka Version – Weird Al
    2. Loser – Beck
    3. Anything by Puff Daddy
    4. uhhh…The Star Spangled Banner
  • Four traits you want in a boy/girlfriend (Fan Submission: Karen Hiebert)
    Well, thanks Karen Hiebert!
    1. Sense of Humor
    2. Self Motivated
    3. Likes Me.
    4. Quirky
  • If you could only take Four items with you into space, they would be:
    1. Laptop w/ all the tv shows, films, and music I’d need to sustain myself in space.
    2. Mexican Food from San Diego
    3. Giant Foam Hat
    4. A bigger suitcase. How do I only have the room to bring four items with me?

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