Who’s that you’re calling at the end of the episode Tammy?! Dun, Dun, DUN! 

Last time on When It Counts…Matt (Philip Wang) and Anna (Aimee Lee Lucas) go their separate ways after she doesn’t reciprocate his feelings, so Matt asks Tammy (Yuri Tag) to be his new dance partner.  After Tammy agrees, and realizes how much in sync they are, she starts to build courage to finally confess her longing feelings for him. But…will she?

After weighing the pros and cons with her friends (a fun cameo by KevJumba and Cathy Nguyen), Tammy meets up with Matt to practice their routine…until she sees him back with Anna.

Matt explains that Anna called him the night before and has agreed partner back up with him, performing the piece that Tammy and he had created.

Tammy subtly tries to hint to Anna not do the dance with Matt, warning her that this might lead Matt on.  Anna expresses that she really just wants to perform in the show, and it’s Matt’s fault if he’s getting led on.

In the end, Anna recommends to Tammy that if she wants to perform with Matt, she should tell him more directly so that he can choose which girl he’ll dance with.

Tammy refuses to go down that path, so she tells Anna that it is not worth it and walks away.  The episode concludes with a mini-cliffhanger: she calls a friend, but who could it be? Who is it Tammy?!

Few hours in and there are an overwhelming amount of advice given to Tammy. “Why Can’t Matt See What Tammy Sees?” Check out our favorite pieces of advice so far and be sure to submit your own at When It Counts website.