It’s that time of year again where you have an excuse to eat as much turkey, stuffing, cranberry, and all of the other goodies that complete a Thanksgiving meal, but what about the day after? And what about the day after, AFTER?

We know you’re still probably suffering from that food coma, so here are some easy(ish) ways to finish up those scrumptious leftovers!

1. Simply reheat all leftover items and put them on a plate. TADA! Thanksgiving, day 2 = SUCCESS! Also lazy-ness… can get more creative then that.

2. Make a turkey sandwich! Or a turkey wrap (although if you’ve already gone this far with the eating..why go back now?) Stuff that baby with turkey, mashed
potatoes, and some veggies. Why not throw in some cranberry for some added sweetness? Yeahhhh. That’s the stuff.

3. For a unique twist, how about you make a Thanksgiving quesadilla or a taco? It’s very quick, and easy to make! Plus you get hipster points for eating that while everyone else makes a sandwich. And isn’t that what Thanksgiving is really all about?

4. If you must, for a healthier snack, why don’t you make yourself a little thanksgiving salad? What’s that? Mash potatoes, gravy, creamed corn, and stuffing overwhelming the “salad” part? Oh well!

5. For all the advanced chefs out there, why not make a turkey pot pie? And if all else fails you can just eat the turkey from out of the pie lining.

6. Never leave a scrap unused, if you have bits and pieces you don’t know what to do with feed your dog, cat, or exotic snow leopard an extra special, deluxe meal!

Just make sure they doesn’t get to it before attempting #1-5!