It’s the weekend again?! It feels like only yesterday that we were rock climbing and losing fist fights (oh the memories from last weekend).  Time for ISA’s Guide to the Weekend!

This weekend we want to travel, and travel far, far away!  Time to get out of the ISA Office and fly to another country. Join us, won’t you?

To start off the weekend, we’ll join Moon (I.aM.mE Crew) on a trip to Indonesia where we’ll teach some of the locals a few dance routines.

After all that dancing we’ve built up quite the appetite, we’re in the mood for some crescents and cheese. Time to head to Paris to eat (and sing) with Jennifer Chung in front of the Eiffel Tower!

It’s the end of the weekend and what better way to end our traveling then by joining Victor Kim on his journey in Australia.

Whew! Three continents in three days is pretty tiring, but definitely worth it. What’s your favorite vacation spot? Maybe we’ll go there next! Any suggestions for what we should do next weekend? Let us know below in the comments section.