Are YOU excited for the ISA Basketball Charity Game we’re hosting on December 12 featuring some of your favorite YouTube stars like Wong Fu Productions and KevJumba? To get you in the spirit, here are a few of our favorite ISA related basketball videos!

“Baller” – As the competition stakes are raised, Wong Fu Productions gets their basketball on and are ready for whatever comes their way! Who knows. We may even see a different side to these “nice guys.”

“Preparing For the NBA ft. Jeremy Lin”KevJumba takes it to the courts as he ventures on his quest towards becoming an official NBA player alongside Jeremy Lin! Looks like Kev will be bringing his A-game this coming Wednesday! #TeamPhil better watch out or find Jeremy Lin too and get some advice.

“Basketball NEVER Stops” – Are you surprised that two of our basketball related videos star Jeremy Lin? Follow Jeremy Lin as he practices the motto of “Basketball NEVER Stops” even during the NBA lockout!

“Shaolin Basketball” - Starring two of our favorite players for the upcoming game, the Fung Brothers, enjoy this comedic sketch about what happens when Basketball and martial arts combine?

Phew! All of this basketball talk is getting us super pumped for the event! If you haven’t heard about all of the details yet, check them out here! And make sure to invite your family and friends to the Dec 12 event!