Happy Halloween everybody! Anyone dressing up or going trick-or-treating tonight?! Well, before you do, check out our special Halloween post, where  some of your favorite ISA artists give us the scoop on some of their own past Halloween experiences! You might even get some last-minute costume ideas!

1. What Candy were you most excited to receive on Halloween?

2. What was your most favorite Halloween costume you’ve ever worn?

Phil Wang:

1. I always looked forward to getting Nerds and Twix. Bottlecaps too, I feel like I ONLY ate those during Halloween.

2. One year I got to be a ninja and I was really excited because I got to have a sword. Best costume ever though was when I was in kindergarten. I don’t actually remember, but my mom told me. I wanted to be a Ninja Turtle, but she didn’t want to buy an expensive costume, so she just dressed me in green, wrapped a wok in green fabric and hung it on my back. I wore a wok to school. Pretty creative I gotta admit. =)

Kev Jumba:

1. Gummy bears!

2. Ninja Turtles – heroes in a half-shell.

Wesley Chan:

1. I prefer eating Asian fruit candies to any American ones.

2. My favorite costume I ever wore was this Gundam Robot suit I made out of cardboard!

Ryan Higa:

1. Violet Crumble.

2. A box.

DJ Virman:

1. Favorite candy: caramel apple. Worst candy:Those butterscotch candy in gold wrappers!

2. I dressed up as the Pillsbury Dough-boy 2 years ago. Every girl would poke my tummy which means I got to poke them back.


1. Apple Jolly Ranchers.

2. I was a pretty mean-looking Freddy Kreuger one year.

David Choi:

1. I’m not much of a candy guy so I never really got excited for it. I’d rather get an apple. But if I had to choose, I liked Smarties because they last the longest. Least excited to get Tootsie Rolls.

2. I never went all out on costumes, but I enjoyed the ones where I could hide behind a mask and pretend to be someone else for a day. The downside was that it got really hot and sweaty in there. I didn’t mind as a kid though.

Kev Nish:

1. I loved getting Skor bars for Halloween.

2. Dressing up as G.I. Joe characters!

Cathy Nguyen:

1. I loved getting those Mexican push up candy thing? (I totally don’t know what they’re called, but those were/are my favorites!). My least favorite candy to receive were peanut butter filled candy.

2. I didn’t really dress up too much back in the day.. but my favorite would probably have to be my costume this year: Lady Gaga.. only because I got to wear a wig!

AJ Rafael:

1. I am still very excited to receive any type of mexican candy, for example the Chili Watermelon Pops or the little tamarind ball candies. I HATED getting Almond Joy’s when I was little. But when I turned 18 I suddenly became allergic to milk so now I hate all chocolates (me being bitter).
2. My favorite costume ever is my Kick-Ass costume that I just bought last week. Here’s me and my friend Marilu as Kick-Ass and Hit Girl!
Needless to say, I think we’d all love to have any one of these super-talented artists knock on our doors in full-costume, asking for some candy! With that said, on behalf of  everyone here at ISA, we hope you all have an H-A-double L-O-mazing Halloween!

Comment below and let us know what costumes you’ll be wearing (or wore) this Halloween!