Admit it – at one point in your life, you’ve wanted to be like a pop star. But, how about more specifically a Kpop star?

 As you watched Wes, Ted and Phil fulfilling their longing desires to be “Kpop-ed” in the last Wong Fu Weekends, you were secretly hoping you could do the same (admit it!). Well, Team ISA has got you covered with our guide to looking like a Korean pop star! Mind you, we’re no experts – or we wouldn’t be sitting here right now – but we thought we’d have a go at it!

We turned to YesStyle for some inspiration, and here are our picks to get Wong Fu’s looks. Since black and gray are colors most popularly worn by Kpop stars, we thought we’d stick with this “mysterious” color theme to really get into character!

Let’s begin with the top. One thing we noticed was that there was a lot of fabric around the neckline; so you have one of two options: (1) “droopy” to show off some chest…

Or (2) a high neckline that covers your neck and half your face. Note: there’s no such thing as a shirt that’s too complicated!

Of course, you can’t leave your makeover without trying on some harem “droopy” pants. How low should the droop go? The droopier the better? That’s for you to decide.

Don’t forget to finish off your look with some accessories! Wherever you are, regardless of weather, there’s never a wrong time to wear sunglasses: it’ll instantly add extra levels of coolness! Feel free to put on some gloves while you’re at it, too! Also, because you obviously don’t have enough fabric around your neck already, you can choose to add a bulky scarf to top it all off.  So there you have it – feeling Kpop-ed yet?

How to know you’re on the right track:

  • You picked clothing items without [at first] knowing how to put them on (ahem Ted).
  • You’re showing off some ‘cleavage’ and/or your top consists of a considerable amount of draping/layering.

Now, you just got to pose like a star. (Phil’s) Guide to posing – choose one of the three:

  • Your hands should look like they’re about to go for a handshake; place your shoulders back, and don’t forget to stick out your chest!
  • Look like you’re thinking really hard – to achieve this look, just gaze at a distance.
  • Look like you’re depressed – for example, look down with one hand covering half your face.

If you’re still struggling, simply turn to Jay Park. He’s got it down! There’s a reason why all the ladies swoon over him.

Now it’s time to build up your own “fan base!” All you really need now is a cool Kpop stage name! But if after today, you’ve got a long line of ladies wanting to get to know you and fan clubs magically start to form in your honor, you’re welcome!

Do you have any personal tips? Share them below in the comments section.