TGIF, who else is happy it’s the weekend? Check out our favorite Instagrams of the week, courtesy of KevJumba, NigaHiga, Yuri Tag, and Wesley Chan!

@notryanhiga: Told myself that I could have a Big Mac if I burned 700 calories, but didnt make it.. Salad it is..

Just one more calorie…we feel Ryan’s pain!

@yuritag: The first time I met @wongfupro. Finally worked together after 3 years!

Picture perfect! We’re so glad Yuri finally teamed up with WongFu for “When It Counts”!

@thewesleychan: Derp. Awkward Silence.


@kevjumba: Road trip. Gonna see the Rockets in San Antonio. Yeehaaaw

Looks like our boys are going on a trip!

Stay tuned to @isatv for more updates!