We’re the type to obsess over new favorites.  New Kina Grannis?  Hitting replay for hours. New favorite ice cream flavor? Definitely eating it for breakfast, lunch, & dinner. So, naturally, we don’t want to wear these ridiculously cute, festive dresses just once.  We want to wear it all day…EVERY day.  Is that weird? Maybe just a little. Doesn’t make it any less awesome.

With its classic A-line silhouette and deep jewel tone colors, guess what, you can rock this flirty, little dress day or night!

Dress it down with cognac riding boots and a cardigan for day; or, dress it up with a bold statement necklace and teal lady-like heels. Feeling a little edgier? Throw on a leather jacket, textured tights, and black motorcycle boots.  Oh, the possibilities….

Printed festive dress, $23. DAY: Studded cardigan, $29 | Crossbody bag, $118 | Boots, $75 | Knee-high socks, $34. PLAY: Necklace, $34| Ring, $79 | Clutch, $25 | Heels, $40.

How would you wear this festive printed H&M dress?

(Style Guide courtesy of one of our fashion correspondents, Dani Kanemitsu.)