Guys, we’ve done it before. It’s like clockwork. First thing you do when you add a cute girl on Facebook? About. Basic Info. Relationship Status…

She’s, wait for it… IN A RELATIONSHIP. No!!  All that sweet talk for nothing. I wonder what this guy looks like, see what he has that I don’t… Profile Pictures!

Yes, yes yes… the right arrows on our keyboard are faded out from going through pictures of her. Or you use the new Facebook feature “Favorites” so you see every status she writes.  A good way to keep a somewhat distant, but VERY close watch on her, right?

Anyways, I have very disturbing news… Facebook is determined to ruin the best part about their social networking site: the Facebook stalking!

According to, “Starting yesterday [7.11] when you visit group pages on Facebook, you can see which group members have viewed each post.”  (Source).

That means if you just so happen to find a group where your crush is, and see who she invited to her movie night… she’ll know you’ve been there. And viewed it. Multiple, multiple times.

Dun dun dun.  Luckily Facebook hasn’t made that feature available for pictures, posts, page views… imagine all the drama stemming from those view counts!

“Cool, Melody viewed this picture of me and Jennifer over 83 times.  That means she still has feelings for me.”


“Bro, check this out.  Rachel is my top viewer for my Facebook page… counting in 370 views per day.  Talk about weird.

Whatever you do with your Facebook time, enjoy it while you can.  Facebook has slowly been opening its gate to make its social media platform an open source, free way to see what others are doing and looking at.  Transparently.  When that day comes… all hell will break loose.