Look who’s coming to ISAtv this Fall…….

Stars of ABC’s Fresh off the Boat, Ian Chen, Forrest Wheeler, and Hudson Yang are coming to ISAtv for a brand NEW series of web shows! Under the banner isaKIDtv, enjoy FOUR new shows that will bring you even closer into the world of some of your favorite TV kids.

In setting up these series with Ian, Forrest, and Hudson, ISAtv really wanted to focus on the interests of the Asian American youth community. Finding fun activities that would not only be fun for these kids to experience but for audiences of all ages to enjoy as they watched.  In partnering up with some of the most visible Asian American youth in the country, we hope to inspire youth from all over the world to go out and be active and curious.

Shows will launch starting Monday, October 17, with new episodes every Monday and Thursday.  Please view calendar at bottom of page for episode release guide! 


TASTE TEST WITH HUDSON YANG: Hudson Yang goes on a young foodie’s journey to find some of the best tasting food in the country!  From food trucks to food labs where the recipes for the dishes every kid craves is invented, Hudson goes behind the scenes at some of the best restaurants and chefs to uncover the world of food from a distinctively kid perspective.


GROWING UP WITH IAN CHEN: Ian Chen may be a veteran TV actor, but for him at 10 years old, the world of grownups is still a mystery. The youngest of the three boys explores the weird world of grown ups, discovering first hand the reasons behind why adults do things like fall in love, get jobs, and follow fads.


THE FORREST WHEELER ADVENTURES: Forrest Wheeler goes on a quest to learn what it takes to become an action hero as he gets partnered with real life action star, Yoshi Sudarso (Nickelodeon’s Power Rangers Dino Charge) for a series of challenges that will push him to his limits.


KIDS DO: The flagship show of the series will feature Hudson, Forrest, and Ian coming together as they meet up with other celebrity friends to experience new fun activities. From basketball to night markets, get to know the boys as they explore the world one adventure at a time.  

Special guests throughout the series include: Aubrey Anderson-Emmons (ABC’s Modern Family), Ashley Liao (Netflix’s Fuller House), Guava Juice Roi (Comedian, 3million+Subscribers), Kinjaz (MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew), Quest Crew (MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew), Wong Fu Productions (Filmmakers, 2.5Million+Subscribers), Yoshi Sudarso (Nickelodeon’s Power Rangers Dino Charge), and more!