YouTube Space-GeneralPics-10Are you interested in getting involved with ISA in 2018? We’ve got a lot of amazing things happening in the upcoming year and are seeking motivated & positive individuals to get involved! We’re specifically seeking interns for our upcoming Winter/Spring season – if you’re interested in helping to plan our IDENTITY FESTIVAL (last year we had a sold out crowd with acts like DEAN & US THE DUO), learning more about Digital Media Campaigns, or working on set with some of the top talent in the community – then please apply! Please email with resume + cover letter.


We’re also seeking individuals who are interested in getting more involved with IDENTITY FESTIVAL 2018 in May.  Looking for more dedicated team members to assist with one of the biggest cultural events in Los Angeles County.  Seeking individuals to assist with volunteer coordinating, media, talent handling, marketing..etc.  Please also email with interest!