You’ve seen the teasers, and now it’s officially here! Enjoy the special trailer for Wong Fu Production’s “When It Counts”

Our guys at Wong Fu Productions have teamed up again with AT&T for their brand new dance inspired mini-series “When It Counts.”

Just like their previous innovative web series, “Away We Happened”, WFP is once again calling on fans’ help in shaping the direction of the show, including how the main character, Tammy, played by Yuri Tag, handles her dilemma.  Having already incorporated fan input to decide important production choices, as the series moves forward, audience interaction will continue to be a key element.

As you’ll see in the trailer, other familiar faces show up including Mike Song, Anthony Lee, Cathy Nguyen, KevJumba, and more! Mark your calendars for November 26 (you know we have!) for the first episode.  Stay tuned to for our “When It Counts” episode coverage.