With the release of the Twilight finale, one of our bloggers fondly remembers how the series changed her life.  

I remember it well. When I first flipped through the crisp pages of Twilight, I was mesmerized. “Here he was,” I thought. “The complete opposite of all my Disney princes. This brooding, mysterious, tortured of a soul that was Edward Cullen.”

Yes, it IS ridiculous to be twenty one years old and still be pining over a [very attractive] fictional character. However, I’m not ashamed. So to express how excited I was this weekend when Breaking Dawn premiered, let me recount on how Twilight has affected my life.

1. VAMPIRES ARE GOOD: Instead of getting terribly spooked out by the thought of vampires in 30 Days Of Night, I can safely say that there are vampires who glow (not melt) under the sun, look crazy good, are vegetarians, and judging by my clumsiness, may hopelessly fall in love with me. HENCE! My phobia is cured.

2. SOUL MATES EXIST: Maybe we don’t possess the gifts of imprinting on the love of our lives till death do us part, however, the connections shared between vampires/werewolves with their loved ones are ever so strong….. Soooooo, I decided not to go out and find love [for now]. I’m young! I’ll just let love come find me.

3. SELF CONTROL IS KEY: I’d like to think that good things come to those who wait.  For that, I won’t drink human blood, I won’t fall in love with a new born baby [no offense, Jacob!] and I will make sure to think twice, thrice, and maybe even a millionth time before I dive off a cliff to [hopefully] hear my boyfriend’s voice.  The millionth time is key, ladies.

Deep down, we’re all suckers for cheesy love stories and heroic battles. There will be those that disagree! BUT, I say Stephenie Meyer is pretty brilliant for making vampires the hot and attractive beings they so definitely are. Here’s to the final piece of the movie, may we expect more Volturi action, topless Jacob [yes please!], and faith in [un]humanity! ……Did I mention more topless Jacob? How did Twilight affect your life? Let us know below.