Just how close were we to having a Wong Fu-less 2012 here at ISA? VERY CLOSE! Just ask Phil, who has a very important lesson to teach us all this Christmas Holiday about being careful with what we wish for in Wong Fu’s latest Holiday short (could it also be their last??)!

When Phil gets frustrated by the lack of fan appreciation for Wong Fu videos and wishes that “Wong Fu Productions never existed”, he puts the whole future of Wong Fu Awkwardness in jeopardy by envisioning an even awkwarder world where Wes is a male model, Ted is a black-market awkward animal dealer on the streets, and Wong Fu Productions no longer exists! Is this the end of Wong Fu (and the end of ISA in the process), or can Christmas still be saved in time to ensure a 2012 filled with more hilariously awkward and cute Wong Fu Productions videos?! Find out below and remember to appreciate what you have this Christmas season!