Meet Alexander, one of three lucky winners of the Take Your Shot contest. He had the awesome chance to work with the one and only Freddie Wong on his short “Weight of Love“! Join us as we talk to him about his experience on set.

Win an Autographed script signed by Alexander, FreddieW, Jimmy Wong, and Wendy Nguyen! Just leave a creative comment below using the word “Weight.”

Your film is about a female character who is weightless. Have you ever wanted to be weightless too? Is that your superhero power?

For me, being weightless, or just being able to fly, in general, would be awesome. Although my fear of heights might not go well with that…

If she wasn’t weightless, what’s another “superhuman” ability that you’d want your character to have?

It would be pretty fun to have her be able to freeze time. I’m a bit of a sucker for time travel stories.

You’re trying to pursue film-making, correct? How did this trip help you with your journey? 

This opportunity has been extremely helpful. I’ve made a lot of friends and contacts out in LA, and have learned so much about the process of what goes into making a film.

What was it like being in LA for the first time? Did you get to visit anywhere that stood out, or eat anything amazing?

LA was such a fun place to be at. It was very lively, and there was so much to see and do. Being busy with the short, I wasn’t able to explore too much, but Seaton and I met up for lunch at Shin-Sen-Gumi and had the best ramen I’ve ever had.

What was Freddie like? Is he as huggable as we all imagine?

It was a blast working with Freddie. He taught me a lot about directing and gave great advice for my future. And yes, he’s definitely very lovable, haha.

What are 5 reasons people should watch your film? GO!

  1. Jimmy and Wendy are fantastic!
  2. Lots of beautiful visual effects
  3. You get to see Wendy float in the air
  4. Great music
  5. It’s a feel-good story


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