It’s one week away ’til we release the winning Take Your Shot short films! Are you excited? After the break, enjoy the freshly released trailer and some never-before-seen photos.

Seems like only yesterday that we filmed the Take Your Shot winning short films. We really enjoyed watching the winning fans Robynne, Brian, and Alexander interact with their mentors Jon M. Chu, Wong Fu Productions, and FreddieW.

Everyone will be able to see the fruits of their labor when we release the winning films next Monday, October 21st.  In the mean time, enjoy these exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from the shoots!

Photos courtesy of Tiffany Yen, Pakorn Tareekes, Sonny Bui, Christian Soriano, and Karl Orotea. Thanks to them for their time!

Jon M. Chu and Director Robynne pose with their cast: Charles, Cici, Cary, and Sorah.

Jon M. Chu and Robynne get some one-on-one coaching time on set in Long Beach. 

Sorah, Cici, Cary, and Charles smile for a family portrait.

Thanks to the teams at interTrend and AT&T for helping us make all of this come to life!

Anna’s a Trekkie at heart.

SPECIAL thanks to our wonderful ISAtv Team + Extras Crew! 

Hosts Paul and Amy celebrate with the “Luv[sic]” crew as they wrap production! 

Alexander working with the lovely Wendy Nguyen on set for “Weight of Love”

We had an incredible team from the Action Factory, who also collaborates with team FreddieW, help us with all the stunts during “Weight of Love”  

Thanks to the entire production team for all your hard work! Couldn’t have happened without you!


Photo Credits:  Tiffany Yen | Pakorn Tareekes | Sonny Bui | Christian Soriano | Karl Orotea


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