It’s always exciting to discover new talent and music out there, especially when it is hiding in plain sight. That’s what I discovered about Hollis.

You know that voice in the new video by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis‘ “White Walls”? Yep, that’s Hollis! If you’ve heard the song, you know what I am talking about. If you haven’t, check out the newly-released music video to get you up to speed:

While she may have come to our attention for her singing, Hollis Wong-Wear has many more talents. Hollis describes herself as a writer, and she has performed as a slam poet for several years. She says the organization Youth Speaksfundamentally changed [her life].” Even though she sang in choirs as a child, she didn’t pursue music until much later. As a matter of fact, Hollis started out as a poet and writer before she got into music.


The good news for us is that “White Walls” is not the only track where we get to hear Hollis’ voice. For the past two years, Hollis has been a part of the group The Flavr Blue, and they’ve made plenty of music for all of us to enjoy. For more of Hollis Wong-Wear and her sultry voice, check out her blog and the band’s website. We leave you with the song “Same Blue.”

SOURCEHollis Wong-Wear & It’s Yow Yow

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