Attention all Secret Agents!  With all the hype surrounding this year’s ISA Festival LA, we have come up with a new and exciting way for all of our high school fans to get involved and show some school spirit!

As a way to give back to YOU, the fans, for all your continued support, we’re going to be holding a special contest for ISA LA that will involve YOU and your fellow schoolmates.


This contest is ONLY open to HIGH SCHOOLERS. For every high school student in the Southern California area, if you bought or are still planning to buy an ISA LA VIP/Backstage/General Admin ticket, please visit our official CONTEST FORM, where you will submit information on you, your high school, and your ticket confirmation. Group participation is key to winning this contest, so make sure to let all of your high school friends know that they need to..


(If you haven’t already)


It boils down to one simple thing: the more people you have from your high school attending ISA LA, the greater your chances are of winning! The contest will run all throughout ticket sales up until the day of the concert and we’ll post updates on high schools in the lead.


The high school that ends up tallying the most student attendees to the ISA Festival LA will win an EXCLUSIVE MEET & GREET with the ISA Team (Wong Fu Productions, KevJumba, and Ryan Higa) at their very own high school campus!

The announcement of the winning high school will be made on the day of the concert or shortly after. From there on, we will contact your high school and coordinate with them to find a fitting date and time for a special ISA meet and greet.

So make sure to tell all your friends about this contest, get them all together, buy tickets in large groups, and show some school spirit by representing your high school in this year’s ISA LA Festival! This is one homework assignment you’ll definitely want to complete!

Have a group of 5 or more? Get a group discount (10% off each ticket – general admission only) by entering the code “AGENTS” at checkout. Click HERE to buy your tickets now!