Here’s another addition to your Thanksgiving dessert table. Attention all iPhone 5 users, we have a fun new treat for you to enjoy.

Well, you know what goes great with your new iPhone 5?

Hailing from Japan, it’s……


Yep, you read that correctly ISAers, Japan has produced yet another fun product to sink our teeth…we mean money into.

An entrepreneur created the innovative product, the Survival Senbei iPhone 5 case, entirely out of Japanese brown rice and salt. Then it’s baked into a golden-brown senbei rice cracker, which should fit around your iPhone 5 snugly, when it’s cooled down, of course.

Thinking outside the box, the Survival Senbei is a novel idea, but let’s slow down and think about what your iPhone goes through on an everyday basis:

  • Taking it in and out of your pockets or purses
  • Friends touching your phone
  • Charging and setting your phone on a table
  • Texting and taking calls
  • Giant seagulls pecking it (what? just us?)

And the number one thing that will always happen: dropping your phone, on a dirty floor….with a food case…yeah, might want to replace it when you drop it that first time.

An image of a woman eating the phone case as seen on their website

As crazy as this case looks, we have a sneaky suspicion that this will be the first of many wacky delicious cases.

Come on, licking your phone when you’re hungry? How awesome would that be?

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Kidding aside, we want to know what wild, cute, weird, awesome idea of a case would you create? Leave your ideas and comments below.