To all of our NBA fans out there, we feel your pain! With the NBA currently in lockout mode and no end (or key!) to it in sight, it doesn’t look like we’ll be having much Fall Ball to look forward to anytime soon. Fortunately for us, Lebryant Jordanicus Walton (Ryan Higa) knows just how to keep us occupied for the time being by giving us an exclusive peak into the daily life of a true baller!

So follow Lebryant Jordanicus Walton in this hilarious documentary-style video as he shows us his work-out routine, introduces us to his afro-riffic coach (JR Aquino), belittles his Asian cousin (Golden State Warriors Point Guard, Jeremy Lin) for not being bla- having the letter ‘A’ in his name, and addresses the current sad state of the NBA.

I think we all agree with Ryan when he says: PLEASE END THE LOCK-OUT!

LET THEM PLAY! Now press play!