Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 5.17.03 PM Hi Everyone! As you’ve probably seen, the ISA Team has been very busy behind the scenes working on some brand new programs for the channel! We know that we have a very diverse audience and that each of you has such a unique background and story.  That’s why we’re launching all of our new content in a new campaign called “PROJECT ID.” (Click for more on how YOU can get involved with Project ID).

Along with new seasons of previous fan favorites – we’ve given our cameras over to some of the most unique personalities in the community to show you what makes up their identity.  We’ve got new shows about adoptees, HAPA’s, the SUPER Kawaii, and MUCH more. Starting this MONDAY, JUNE 22 – we’re excited to be launching all these BRAND new shows every day, Monday-Thursday, for you all to enjoy!

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unnamed-3 STARRING: Joanna Sotomura / @JoannaSotomura

ABOUT: Everyone has fears. Don’t pretend like you’re not scared of anything! Join host Joanna Sotomura in her quest to overcome her fears as she faces what scares her head-on. unnamed-5  

STARRING: Rekstizzy / @Rekstizzy

ABOUT: Can men enjoy “cute”? Host, Rekstizzy, explores New York, meeting with special guests to find out what it really means to be “Kawaii”. unnamed-1

STARRING: Phil Yu and Jenny Yang / @AngryAsianMan @JennyYangTV

ABOUT: Based on the popular blog, Angry Asian Man, Jenny and Phil (founder and voice of Angry Asian Man), host a talk show to discuss current events in the Asian Pacific American community. unnamed-10

STARRING: Peter Hong, Run River North, Anderson .Paak, Ann One, DANakaDAN, and More

ABOUT: Peter Hong and the team at Studio 5A bring fans live, intimate musical performances in the heart of downtown Los Angeles with some of the best in up and coming acts in the scene. unnamed-8

STARRING: The Fung Bros, Andrew and David / @AndrewJFung @DavidBFung

ABOUT: Andrew and David hit the streets to get people’s opinions about different current events and issues in the community. unnamed-9

STARRING: Wesley Chan and Yuri Tag / @TheWesleyChan @YuriTag

ABOUT: Wesley and Yuri star in a show where they find bizarre and unique items on Craigslist and repurpose them into every day crafts! unnamed-2


ABOUT: As an adoptee growing up, DAN didn’t have the typical “Asian” experience.  Join him as he learns about his culture and finds out what it really means to be Asian in America. unnamed-4  

STARRING Linda Dong and Gina Darling / @LeendaDong @GinaDarling

ABOUT: For Science! Linda and Gina join forces to test out ridiculous Asian trends and products. unnamed-7

STARRING: Joanna Sotomura / @JoannaSotomura

ABOUT: Joanna is joined by special guests to discuss love, romance, and relationships. unnamed-6

STARRING: Stephen Chang and Joanna Sotomura

ABOUT: Stephen and Joanna host a talk show where they’re joined by HAPA guests (Half-Asian / Half-Other) to talk about HAPA issues and identity. unnamed-11

ABOUT: ISAtv brings you interviews and features with some of the most interesting entertainers, musicians, actors, politicians, and more from the Asian Pacific American community. unnamed-12

ABOUT: Music video premieres from some of the best in the Asian Pacific American music scene.